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Spiritual Mediumship


Spiritual Guidance

"I have had two readings, and both times, Laura was amazing! Laura described my Husband, Dan, on the day he passed, as if she was there that day! My Father in law, also came through and she described him as if she met him including how he wore his hair to how he died and what was covering him when he passed...Laura also mentioned my Dad, who is living in Massachusetts, and told me to tell him to get his leg checked...turns out my Dad had a growth in his groin, which turned out to be lymphoma, and is now going through chemo, but dong so much better...Thank you, Laura. I feel blessed and comforted. You have an amazing gift! Looking forward to next time."
Diane Dowling
Spiritual Mediumship Demonstration

"I went to one of Laura Joseph's readings with my sister, Yes , I have to admit, I was hesitant to go, But when Laura brought out my Nan to me, I was amazed, It was like I was the only one in the room, And that Laura personally knew her....I hung on every word she said....Every message was so on the mark, My heart has been lifted....I can't thank Laura enough, She will always be a part of me..."
Margaret Kelleher

"I had my first reading with Laura and was amazed that she knew exactly what was going on in my life. She helped me by giving me the reassurance that I needed to make some adjustments in my life. She brought my Dad through who gave me his advice and the proof that he is always around me. This gave me some much needed peace and healing. Laura is very compassionate and supportive. I felt much better after my session with Laura and am looking forward to having more with her again!"
Tarot Card and Medium Reading

"Just had another incredible reading with Laura! Again she nailed down everything ( and I mean everything ) that's going on in my life at this point. I was given some medical advice which I followed and contacted my doctor. My doctor agreed 100%. I am feeling much better and have more energy. Laura is an amazing medium and tarot reader!"
Sue Boardman
Tarot Card and Medium Reading

"Laura, your visit as a guest Medium to The First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island was phenomenal. We especially learned much from your introductory class on mediumship, even us folks who think we've advanced so much. This class brought us back to reality that it is Spirit we must always connect with. As President of this Church I speak for the entire congregation when I say thank you for such an inspirational sermon. We loved your energy and welcome you to your new "Church Family" always................"
Susan Bergheimer
Pastor, First Spiritualist Church of RI

"Laura is an amazing medium! She brought 3 people through to me and I knew it was them right away. Her communication is excellent and the messages were extremely healing and supported. It was just what I needed at the time and I am so grateful to Laura for giving me exactly what I needed at the time. I would recommend her to anyone."
Beth Bellew, Quincy MA
Mediumship Demonstration

"Today's reading was so spiritual and I could relate I such an emotional feeling - all good. Laura brought out areas I need to focus and work on. I loved today's reading and how it helped me to understand and know where my life is heading in a spiritual way. Thank you."
Linda Collins
Tarot Card Reading

"Great reading - Life changing - It was a very spiritual and accurate reading, oh and emotional."
Cheryl Mahoney
Tarot Card Reading
"I had a private reading with Laura a week ago. She is an incredible medium and tarot reader. The information I received was right on target for everything going on in my life at this time. I highly recommend her! I have taken her suggestions and they have made a difference"
Sue Boardman, Scituate, MA
Tarot and Medium Reading

"I recently won a free reading from a Facebook raffle Laura held. We scheduled it for a Sunday evening. Earlier in the day my son was admitted to the hospital so needless to say I was not quite myself when I spoke with Laura. Her insight and advice as to what I should be looking for with regards to my son was amazing. She was right on in so many ways. I think often of her comments about where my life was headed and what she saw me developing into and use them to guide me as I walk this path."
Lisa Pasquali
Mediumship and Tarot Reading

"My reading with Laura was interesting and so accurate! I have been having trouble with breathing at night and she brought that up right away as well as other issues I was experiencing. I couldn't believe how accurate she was! I highly recommend a reading with Laura, you'll be glad you did."
Terrie Coletti

"Laura was a guest medium at First Spiritualist Church of RI, and I instantly felt her positive energy and enthusiasm. During mediumship she gave several accurate, specific messages to members of the congregation. Watching her work was fantastic.. her interaction with Spirit was fascinating to see and hear. I was also fortunate enough to be able to take an Introduction to Mediumship class in which I learned more from her in two hours than in the few years I have been interested in and learning about mediumship. She is a great teacher and gave a lot of individual attention as well as solid, specific information broken down which people of every level of learning could understand and use in their work. I highly recommend anyone looking to receive messages or to expand their skill to work with Laura, and look forward to working with her more in the future! "
-Bridget Bourne North Providence, RI
Mediumship Demonstraton

"I won a free telephone one card reading from Laura, what I found most refreshing was that she pulled things out of the card that went way beyond "the meaning"of the card, she tapped into my energy and brought forth information that was valuable and relevant to my life. It was the best one card reading I have ever had! (and I have had a lot of them). "
Tammy - Kingston MA
Medium and Tarot Card Reading

"Laura is a very gifted Psychic/Medium. I have had the joy of learning from her & watching her give valid evidence at Mediumship Galleries. I look forward to learning more from her."
Caryn Bellew, Weymouth, MA
Mediumship Demonstration

"Laura connected with my dad, it was amazing how she got him so accurately! He didn't want to come thru cause he was shy and it was his first time, but the info she got was amazing! HIS great love of SPORTS and how he relaxed in front of the TV was so involved like he was the sportscaster in his own world! Yelling at the players!! he wanted me to be out in the sun and said I needed Vit D which I have been diagnosed with difficiency!! Cannot wait to go back for a private reading."
Michelle TOBIN
Mediumship Demonstration

"I judge a true healer by appearences. The first time I really SAW Laura was at the Spiritualist Church in Quincy MA on 5/15/11, where she was the guest Medium. I was literally taken aback. She glows, her eyes, her smile, just everything about her shines. Her style was refreashing, and she just made me feel at ease with her appropriate sense of humor. She was right on in her craft, and the messages that came through her really seemed to effect the people they were for. Now, that is a healer I trust. And I would never say this if I did not experience her for myself....Susan"
Susan Tavares, Fall River, MA
Mediumship Demonstration

"I was a very lucky girl and won the chance to get a free reading from Laura Healing With Spirit. I was in need a of some guidance and believe spirit used her wonderful gift to get through to me. I didnt give her any information, I let her tell me what spirit wanted her to and believe if I hadnt heard her messages I would still be looking for the answers that I was needing. I am very grateful for her caring and kind ability to reach out to people and share the messages she gets from spirit for those of us still on the physical plane. She was wonderful to talk to and made sure all my questions were answered and that I understood what she was telling me. I can not thank her enough for her time... she didnt have to give me the free reading, but it goes to show she truly cares. I look forward to hopefully meeting her inperson in the future. Thanks again Laura!"
Kimberly Anne
Medium and Tarot Card Reading

"I first met Laura at "A Day With Spirit" event at The First Spiritualist Church of Quincy on 3/19/11. I knew at that time that she was supposed to be my teacher for healing with her Reiki classes. She made several references about my Mother during our reading. Within a month my Mother had passed on from pneumonia. Then my Mother left a message thru Laura when she was the guest medium at this same church on 5/15/11. I knew that I had to sign up for Reiki class when she offered them again. When I walked in on the day of class, I was stressed and when I left, I was very relaxed and calm. During the attunement process I felt like I was part of a cloud in the sky. It was very enlightening and peaceful. The hands-on experience was very beneficial to me as well. I believe that I have made my Mother proud. I am looking forward to the Reiki II workshop with Laura. She is an awesome teacher and a beautiful soul!!!" 
Judy Houle, Northborough MA
Mediumship Demonstration and Reiki Student

"On May 31, 2011, I guided my grandfather (Tim Foley) to the white light. On June 1, 2011, I received a message from Laura Joseph. At first she yelled loudly. "I am here. I am here." She described my grandfather Tim Foley as he looked 50 years ago. She spoke of his personal habits and gave me info only I would have known. I have been a member here (First Spiritualist Church) for over 23 years and this message could only be called most evidential. I feel like a weight has been lifted off me and am looking forward to my healing and message work improving."
Tim Lydon
Mediumship Demonstration

"Laura was the guest medium at The First Spiritualist Church of Quincy pn 6/1. She brought a gentleman through showing himself in profile like jfk. Took a few minutes to register...I had a picture of him in profile. He was the 1 st love of my life. The message she gave from him was exactly what I needed."
Joan McGeehan
Mediumship Demonstration