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Reiki Meditations ... 

"I have attended, one of Laura's Reiki meditation and attunement evenings and came away feeling like a new person. The energy was like nothing I have ever experienced before. Thank you, Laura! I am truly grateful, you are so very gifted!"

Karen Thrasher
Reiki Meditation and Healing Attunement

"Without the help I have received here I do not know where I would be today or who I would be. "
- James Fennessy, MA
Reiki & Meditation
"I left my skeptism at the door because I'm curious if all I've known and all that I've had is really all that I'll ever be...After just a couple visits I know I'm more...I've learned to cut the string of baggage past "
- Michael, Hull, MA
.Reiki & Meditation

Reiki Services ...

" What prompted me to seek Laura's services was a Groupon! Not kidding. I kept seeing it and passing it by -- but thinking about it repeatedly. When I did some more research (looking at her website, Facebook pages, etc) I saw that she also taught Reiki certification classes. I was in a very dark place after a series of significant losses that all happened within a short time frame (my parents, my two beloved cat companions, my marriage, my house/home). The hits just kept coming and 

wouldn't  stop. I felt tossed out to sea without a float. I thought a Reiki session and a Level I certification might be a place to try and get my head somewhere different. I was having trouble finding reasons to get out of bed at that point. Reiki kept calling me. 

When I had doubts about following through, the universe sent me to a social gathering, where I met Laura in person! Doubt erased. Appointment made. So very grateful I did (grateful for the divine intervention that got me there too!) 

The benefits of working with Laura have been profound for me. I would say life saving. Again - not kidding. I attended my Reiki Groupon session and my Reiki Level I Certification hoping to focus on something new to learn to get my head out of a bad place. What I received was tremendous spiritual and emotional healing that has helped me find the inspiration to live again, to move forward, to embrace my life and let go of all that is in the past. I released it at first with a great amount of sadness. I release it now with all my love.

Two of the most significant improvements that have manifested as a result of working with Laura are that I have incorporated a daily prayer/meditation/self Reiki practice that has helped me stay on a healing path. I feel more than capable of living my life. I feel inspired by life again.

Another improvement is that I am finding new ways to keep in touch with my higher self. One of those ways is to keep negative talk in check. Another way was to become vegetarian - something I had long thought about. It's a way to positively extend myself to the world by not participating any longer in the suffering of our food animals and the planetary consequences that result (environmental, spiritual, all of it)

What would I say to someone who is on the fence about trying Laura's Reiki services? I would say if it calls to you, there's a reason. You owe it to yourself to check it out. It's not a mistake that you are thinking of it. Your higher self is trying to lead you to water. Let it!

            Thank you Laura, for helping me to open the door back to life, back to my higher self, back                to healing. You don't have a gift. You ARE a gift. (heart emoticon)"
- G. Post, Hull, MA
Reiki Services and Usui Reiki Workshop and Certification

"Laura has been a true blessing to my family, and most certainly to my little Gizmo! Her animal reiki sessions have been an amazing and positive experience each and every time. When I had to take my 15 year old dog to the vet and Laura had felt it was "kidneys, possibly stones" she was right on. My vet was even amazed after his ultrasound showed kidney stones and I told her Gizmo has been recieving reiki on a regular basis and one of the reasons I brought him to be checked. I always feel better after a session knowing that he will be comfortable and happy. Thank you so much, Laura, for all you do and have done for us! " 

Dianne Purcell
Pet Dog Reiki Client

"Laura is the most caring, passionate person. She makes every visit comfortable. She has not only helped me at such a difficult time in my life but I've also made a life long friend. Thank you, Laura for all you have done (and are still doing :) )"
Maribel Carubia

"Laura is a lovely young woman. The feeling I got when I arrived was one of peace, tranquility - liked the choice of incense and warmth she seems competent in a modality that I know little about. Handled me deftly and with respect. And I felt one could come to the state of trust very easily with her. I'm definitely going back to her since it seems further treatments will achieve my goals."
- Christina H. 
"Laura is wonderful! "

"Extremely intuitive and insightful, a little different than typical Reiki. Very deep and profound."
- Andrea Z. 

"Amazing experience. Laura is a very talented woman. She is phenomenal at what she does. She is gifted with a special reiki talent."
- Gail

"Laura is wonderful. A true professional & healer. Looking forward to returning!" 
- Tricia C. 

"The entire experience was more than I expected. Just being there made me calmer and ready to open my mind. I look forward to my next visit and will refer everyone I know! Drinking tons of water tonight to flush out all the bad juju."  
- Melissa K.

Reiki Classes ...

"Take this class! Laura has a wealth of knowledge and experience and approaches this with a desire to teach and is rational in her approach...Just a wonderful experience"

Jennifer Leach

Jikiden Reiki Seminar 

"Laura is an amazing teacher. She is thorough, and passionate, and patient with all questions. I am grateful to have Laura teaching Jikiden Reiki."

Karen Diiorio

Jikiden Reiki Seminar

"Laura is a wonderful teacher. She makes everyone feel comfortable and is very funny.  I have taken many classes in other places, but for me she has been the best. She is very informative, answers all your questions and makes learning with her easy. I have learned so much with Laura and will definitely be coming back again. She makes learning enjoyable."
- Miriam Hernandez
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop and Certification

"Laura is one of my greatest teachers in life so it was an easy decision to have her be my teacher. I wanted the purest form of Reiki taught to me. Laura lives this lifestyle and exemplifies that art. She explained everything as many times as I needed. When I felt overwhelmed and wanted to quit she didn't let me. She dug in deeper and worked harder with me to explain and teach. This class and Laura has changed my life. I look forward to repeating this class with her to deepen my teachings. I can't say enough about what a beautiful soul she is."
Julie M.
Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)

"When I met Laura at a church function, she spoke about Jikiden Reiki and I was completely intrigued. I had been attuned to Western Reiki many years ago but it didn't hold my attention and it was easy for it to morph into other healing modalities...the class itself challenged me to let go of the need to "control" the healing work and taught me to be the channel for energy and witness. I struggled a bit with the concepts, but Laura was kind and allowed me my struggle while gently and expertly guiding me into understanding. I would recommend Laura to anyone open to learning Reiki, and feel she is especially valuable as a valid bridge to the Western medicine community. She is articulate and knowledgeable and completely believable. I enjoyed this immensely!"

Deb Mangelus

Jikiden Reiki Seminar

"The Reiki one course was a unique and powerful experience and yet another opportunity to open the portals into the spiritual world. Laura walked us through the important aspects of the origin of Reiki, led each of us through the attunement process and gave us ample opportunity to practice what we had learned. She is a knowledgeable and a patience teacher. The attunement process for me was a profound spiritual journey back to deeply hidden roots. Since that time my spiritual awareness continues to expand as the veil covering my senses slowly dissipates. During the afternoon we practiced Reiki on each other with some surprisingly accurate discoveries of chronic ailments and physical struggles. There is an innate sense of peace that comes when we connect with our self our soul and glimpse upon our own personal power . I look forward to continuing this spiritual growth through additional Reiki education."
Liz mMacFarlane
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop

"I decided to join a seminar on spontaneous decision when I came to a Reiki share. It felt like the unknown was drawing me into. I wanted to find out what that was about. I have been certified in Western Reiki Level I & II. It seems that Jikiden is so much more simplified...Laura's teaching skills and experience are tremendous. Her knowledge is overwhelming. This is a real inspiration to learn more and practice, practice, practice. I would recommend Laura to anyone to have a Jikiden Reiki experience. I loved the practice part tremendously and all Laura's tips to improve."
Rima T.
Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)

"I felt called to take the Jikiden Reiki course. After speaking with Laura, I knew I had to. Laura made sure I had an understanding of the history of Jikiden Reiki and its founders. She stressed the importance of the Gokai principles and living the mantras. She further stressed the importance of practice and experience. She instilled in me that I am always a student. The practical hands on experience was second to none. I know that this is a life style and for that I am grateful to Laura and her teachings."
Suzanne M.
Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)

"Even though I have been practicing westernized Reiki for about 17 years, I was intrigued that Laura was offering the Jikiden Reiki, a calling towards it if you will. Jikiden Reiki seems and feels more authentic and pure at its core. The benefit is the simplicity of it but the challenge is not over complicating it and getting out of my own way to let Reiki do its thing. ..Anyone who wanted to advance their self-care, self work, and healing would benefit from working with Laura. Laura is an incredible teacher and she teaches from her heart and with passion for living the Reiki principles. It was so helpful being able to work with clients hands on and be able to do the work on different people."
Heather Jeanne O'Donnell
Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)

"I would definitely recommend the Reiki ! Class. It provides a great understanding of the history and physical aspects of the art and I look forward to continuing my path toward becoming a Reiki master. I truly enjoyed taking part in the class. Laura was very helpful & informative. Enjoyed practicing the Reiki & being hands on as well as learning the important details of the origins of Reiki. I wouldn't change anything."
Nora Tarbi
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop and Certification

"Great teacher, wonderful class. I learned so much about the history and practice of Reiki! Laura is a fabulous and engaging teacher with a gift of passion for teaching and helping others. I highly recommend Laura!"
Christine, Hull, MA
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop

Like Best: "Laura's insight and professional manner."
" I had the privilege of working with Laura on a one to one. I feel like that Reiki I was presented in a well thought out, prepared plan. This class was/is very inspiring! Thank you!"
Jym-Ann Curtis
Usui Reiki Level I Workshop Student

"I loved the hands on experience! I learned that I can use Reiki on myself and my pets daily. It really opened me up intuitively and I think that will help me a lot in my daily life."
Nicole Marino, Wrentham, Ma
Usui Reiki Level I & II Workshop

"I Liked the textbook work and practicing on each other. Learning how to trust. I will do this on myself as well as others (and my cat!). I would like to pursue this."
Lauren Coletti Moore, Wrentham, Ma
Usui Reiki Level I & II Workshop

"It was an awesome learning experience - hands on approach to healing. Healing is a part of daily life - Will definitely use daily on myself, family, friends, & pets. The energy flow was awesome!!!!"
Marilyn Harte, Milton, MA
Usui Reiki Workshop

"I would highly recommend Laura for the study of Jikiden Reiki, very professional and well informed"

Linda Bessette

Jikiden Reiki Seminar

  • "I decided to join a seminar on spontaneous decision when I came to a Reiki share. It felt like the unknown was drawing me into. I wanted to find out what that was about. I have ..."
    Rima T.
    Jikiden Reiki Seminar (class)
  • "The Reiki one course was a unique and powerful experience and yet another opportunity to open the portals into the spiritual world. Laura walked us through the important aspect..."
    Liz mMacFarlane
    Reiki Level I Workshop
  • "This class provides an incredible foundation for all spiritual practices. It will teach you the basics you need to practice self care and love in order to grow."
    Cara Losapio
    Self-Care for the Empath